Sunday, April 22, 2012


The cat reminds me of an Emily the Strange/Hello Kitty hybrid

I discovered this band last Tuesday, and within 10 seconds they became one of my favorite bands. How?
1. "MUSEtta" ... what can I say? Guess I've still got Muse on my mind
2. Ophelia's Song: just watch/listen and you will understand (hopefully!)
3. Musetta cat! 

Ophelia's Song

Red Star


Another Glimpse of Sun

Ophelia's Song (DNA Remix)

This band has been remixed many times by many different DJ's - a DJ's paradise I guess
The DNA remix adds a spooky, almost steampunk feel to the song!

The band was founded in Milan, Italy in 2006 by Matteo Curcio (bass player/DJ) and singer Marinella Mastrosimone. Musetta's image and mood is "inspired by early 20th century arts, film-noir and science fiction - a retro feel with a futuristic edge (" Mice to Meet You is their debut album and they due are currently working on their forthcoming album!

Check out their website - it's one of the coolest I've ever seen for a band!

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