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Yay, she has a face this time! 
Hey guys! So this artist profile has been looong overdue. Meet LIGHTS (a.k.a. Lights Poxleitner) a "Juno-award winning Canadian synthpop artist" according to Wiki P. Edia. Technicalities aside, my history with LIGHTS goes all the way back to high school where my partner in musical crime, Tortia, first told me about this crazy-cool cat. I didn't really appreciate her music then - I was probably too occupied with my romance with MUSE ^_^ - but that would all change.

Half a face!
Anyhoo, jump to October 2010 and I'm at her concert in Calgary. Two words: Blown. Away. The electronic music might hide her voice at times but listening to her live AND performing some acoustic tracks had me squeezing my way to the front. In hindsight, kinda not the best choice - I couldn't see past the Impenetrable Wall of College Boys. Believe me when I say impenetrable, all the junior high girls had already tried (and failed) to get to the front. Needless to say, I watched most of the show through the iPhone of the dude in front of me. *sigh

I didn't make the same mistake when I saw her at the Stampede Coke-Stage. I sat on a railing waaaay at the back. Then... I attempted the ludicrous: I lined up to get her autograph. The first time they cut the line it was far behind me, but the second time they had to cut the line at 200 due to time constraints. Wanna guess where fan #200 was?  Miles ahead of where I was standing X( To "the guy who walks around": one day we will get your sandwich autographed! Ah well, at least I got another shirt! Total LIGHTS merch: 2 t-shirts, The Listening CD and a rubber bracelet (which I haven't worn since...). 

She currently has 2 studio albums, The Listening (2009) and Lights.Acoustic (2010), with a forthcoming third, Siberia, set to be released on October 4th, 2011.   

Here's the 2nd single from
Siberia, "Toes", which I cannot get enough of! When she performed it at the Stampede she made sure to let us know that the title had nothing to do with her having a foot fetish xD 


I guess what also sold me was her charm and bubbly personality. Just watching a couple of her vlogs and I got the sense that she would be a blast to hang with. That and I think she is gorgeous! I love her style :O

Sittin' in da corner has never looked better
Here are my top picks, but really I like all of The Listening:
This was the first LIGHTS song on my iPod and it's also the prequel to the next video! 

Drive My Soul
"To be continued..." in the next video!

February Air

Just for kicks - here's the original 2006 video:

Notice the hair... and the snake-bites! 
"Snake-bite" lip piercings 

heheh, Lights vs Evil Lights, also known as "Darks" by her fans xD

That may be the "official" music video, but I like the original better.

It's got more ... character B)

Second Go

yay, for being creative while painting your house :P


My Boots
hmm, a nice track to bop to in the winter.

Some terribly fuzzy pics from the 2010 concert (I <3 you, my dear old-school phone):

I am a true believer that the most authentic way to hear an artist is either live or acoustic, so here is an acoustic song from her vlog (very funny btw, I highly recommend you check it out):

In the Dark I See 

Just for fun, here's the first two videos from her vlog back from 2008:

I always liked this episode:

Duuude, like "Where R all the 'Corns at? :'("

She's coming to Calgary again on November 18th- w00t! This time I will stand at the front AND bring a sandwich!


*All pictures, aside from the 2 fuzzy ones that I took and the snake-bite screen shot, are from LIGHTS' official Facebook page

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