Monday, June 21, 2010

Forget Luke Skywalker!

YouTube - Ode to a Post-it® Note

A heartwarming tale of self-discovery and hitchhiking... AND a really good explanation as to why I once saw a man crossing the street with a Post-It® note stuck to the side of his head (a true story!). You see, I wasn't being completely ridiculous when I asked if you would wear one on the first day of summer!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Scuffle in the Chicken

YAY for random LOL-cats!!!

The first day of summer is Monday, June 21st!!!!
SO, what are you gonna do about it???

Release a bouquet of balloons from the top of a tall rock?
Blow tons of bubbles in a park?
Wear your brightest colours all at once?
Eat three freezies at the same time?
Ooo, eat a quadruple-deckered ice cream cone before it drips all over you?
Share a Churro with a friend?
Read a good book under a tree... by the side of the road?
(thought that once was going to be normal didn't you? :P)

yes, calm down Dommeh! XD

Walk around all day carrying not just one, but a bunch of banana's?
Stare at your crush all day long with a stupid grin on your face while wearing lens-less 3D glasses? (Don't do this unless your crush can actually see you... so put down that gilded-framed picture of Matt! err, guess this one applies to me >.<)
Call Lady Gaga?


Wear a Sticky Note? (Use your imagination!)
Skip down the street?
Dance down the street?
Sing on the street?
Wear crazy coloured socks?
Grab the nearest cutie and plant a big wet kiss on their cheek? (ummm, I'm gonna say "eww" on their behalf - maybe don't do this... unless they know you?)

Okay, so this is a bit random (not that everything else here isn't) but I Laughed Out Loud at this one!

Whatcha gonna do???? :D Comment below!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


These ladies have some wicked skills and creativity! It boggles the mind all the potential I never realized nails could possess.

*The following photos are NOT my own. They were sent to my by a friend and unfortunately, I don't know who they belong to but they probably came from the lovely ladies at MakeUpAlley

Maybe I'll try that next week...>:D *muahahaha*

This one may require more practice, methinks...

Hey folks! I realize that many of you have come to this page looking for more info on the craziness also known as rainbow nails. I'm still looking for more specific info/tutorials on how to create the rainbow, but in essence the technique is called "water marbling" and here is a video that shows you one way to marble your mani:

If you would like me to research other types of nail art just comment below! :D

Casinocaster Manson Makes It's Debut

"On the 16th of April 2010, Bare Knuckle Pickups' twitter feed announced that the company had "just" finished building "Twin P90 bridge soapbars" for a "custom Manson double neck guitar" being built for Matthew Bellamy... The guitar features two necks, the bottom neck standard and the top neck fretless. Both necks incorporate a Fernandes Sustainer and two Bare Knuckle P90 soapbar pickups... This guitar was first played live at the 25th May 2010 Paris Casino gig [for Uprising and Resistance]."
taken from MuseWiki

To a non-guitar player, it looks a bit ridiculous but when you look beyond the guitar and see the master wielding it ... doesn't look so bad after all :3