Monday, October 1, 2012

Entropy Tomorrow!

▬▬▬ MUSE ▬▬▬ 


The 2nd Law comes out in Canada tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! 

Here is one of the few decent live snippets on YouTube that hasn't been taken down due to copyright infringement. It's a live steaming uploaded yesterday:

iTunes Festival 2012

*Just as a heads up, nothing happens till after 10:00 ;)

Set List:
1. Supremacy
2. Map of the Problematique
3. Panic Station
4. Resistance
5. Supermassive Black Hole
6. Animals
7. Time is Running Out
8. Save Me
9. Madness
10. Uprising
11. Follow Me
12. Plug In Baby
13. Knights of Cydonia
14. New Born
15. Starlight
16. Survival

I'm diggin' Supremacy, Animals, Save Me, Follow Me, Survival and Madness so far! And it's always a treat to hear the Muse-classics like Plug In Baby, New Born, Knights of Cydonia and Starlight *heart*

I have to wait until next week for my CD/DVD copy to ship from Amazon T_T
(Custom made for this blog post B)

Here's another clip!
Bliss @ Reading Festival 

The 360 camera angle is a bit bizarre, but I don't care 'cuz I LOVE this song!!

Must stop writing before I create an exclamation-mark monstrosity of a post,

Monday, September 24, 2012

"What the Heck Is Gangnam Style?"

Owning that dance like it's nobody's business

Who hasn't seen this music video?

... now you have. 
(I can see the potential for this video to become the new Rickroll)

My curiosity was piqued by this article on Racialicious, a blog about "the intersection of race and culture." It noticed it on my facebook newsfeed, and the title caught my eye.

So what IS Psy singing about?
To summarize the article, Gangnam is a city district within Seoul, the capital of South Korea, but it's claim to fame is a result of 1970s urban development. "Designated for commercial and residential development" the growth "kicked into high gear in the 80’s" with the result that the top schools relocated there, the real-estate values sky-rocketed, upscale stores and restaurants opened up, and the district became well-known for its nightlife.

"PSY’s 'Gangnam Style' is a satire about the Gangnam life itself which is nothing but materialistic and about people who are chasing rainbows, dreaming of becoming a Gangnam resident someday."

Just to think - Psy intended for the song to be a clever social commentary, but all we were interested in was his silly dance.

Photo from the Ottawa Citizen


Monday, September 17, 2012

Asteroids Galaxy Tour Part II: Out of Frequency

Ms. Mette the Gorgeous  

Alright, it's retro night folks!
Described as "stoner jamz" (I thought it was a good descriptor, thanks hon x)

Check out this interview on Buzzine:

My top tracks from the album:

Heart Attack


Cloak and Dagger

Suburban Space Invader

Check out the official website


Monday, September 10, 2012

Purity Ring


Today was my first day back in classes, and as much as I love summertime, it feels good to get back into the swing of things - including blogging! I'm happy to kick things off with a post about 
Purity Ring, an electronic music duo from Montreal. Being the responsible student that I am, I went to see their concert yesterday ... at 11:30pm. It's a looong story. 

Their debut album Shrines has only been out since July 24, 2012, but they have a strong presence on Youtube with nearly 10 million views on one video alone (granted, I'm not sure how much it has to do with their music, and how much has to do with the picture... see for yourself, Lofticries)

At least he's honest
Even though I first heard "Lofticries" many many months ago, it wasn't until recently that I discovered I liked their music. Here are my favorite tracks: 




The appeal of their sound for me is that the electronic is more ethereal and less dance. It's different. But put them into an intimate club venue and all of a sudden the walls can barely contain the vibrations from all the wub-wubs xD It was RIDICULOUS - cups were being rattled right off counters and you could feel your hairs vibrating. I've never been to a concert in a club before, but Purity Ring was a new experience for me in more ways than one. They combined sound and light in a way that enhanced the music, added a unique touch, and captivated your curiosity. 

Even with the awesome 8-megapixed double LED flash camera on my new phone I couldn't really get any good shots because I was just too darn far away :( That's why I'm using these great photos from The Snipe News!

Singer Megan James

The brightness of the lanterns followed the beat of the music

Corrin Roddick is controlling the lighting and sound with that light bulb-looking contraption - which he custom-built  himself!

Photo from ATS


Sunday, April 22, 2012


The cat reminds me of an Emily the Strange/Hello Kitty hybrid

I discovered this band last Tuesday, and within 10 seconds they became one of my favorite bands. How?
1. "MUSEtta" ... what can I say? Guess I've still got Muse on my mind
2. Ophelia's Song: just watch/listen and you will understand (hopefully!)
3. Musetta cat! 

Ophelia's Song

Red Star


Another Glimpse of Sun

Ophelia's Song (DNA Remix)

This band has been remixed many times by many different DJ's - a DJ's paradise I guess
The DNA remix adds a spooky, almost steampunk feel to the song!

The band was founded in Milan, Italy in 2006 by Matteo Curcio (bass player/DJ) and singer Marinella Mastrosimone. Musetta's image and mood is "inspired by early 20th century arts, film-noir and science fiction - a retro feel with a futuristic edge (" Mice to Meet You is their debut album and they due are currently working on their forthcoming album!

Check out their website - it's one of the coolest I've ever seen for a band!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hollies

Talk about a blast from the past - I remember listening to The Hollies and the Gypsy Kings as my mom and I went on road trips through the Rocky Mountains. I'd look at the little waterfalls running down the sides of the mountains as my mom drove along the winding curves of the roads. I was listening to The Hollies on YouTube a while back and as "Dear Eloise" came up on my playlist today, I thought I should share my first favorite band!

The Hollies are an English pop/rock band from the 1960s and their music, for me, is synonymous with childhood. I remember telling my grandpa to listen to "Dear Eloise" - apparently my habit of sharing my favorite music started young! 

Dear Eloise

It feels odd to watch the music video and see their interpretation of the song after all this time x) Kinda neat to put a face to the voice though :) 

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

I've always loved the message in this song - even before I had a brother! And now that I do, I can easily tear-up to this song if I really get into the lyrics. 

The Air that I Breathe

Just imagine: driving down the highway as the summer sun is setting and not worrying (as only a kid can) that you might never return to the places you're leaving, and unsure of where you're heading, but loving every minute of the journey. I had NO idea what this song was about ( ie. "making love to you"...) but I knew it was about happiness and simplicity ^^

Bus Stop

Haha, even little me knew this song was about love lost. Ahh, summer romance...
(I also find it amusing how I can only hear the singing from my left speaker. Yup, definitely grateful for stereo recordings ^^)

Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress

Mmm, I can just imagine setting out on our trip with this song. A nice foot-tapping, head-nodding song about some sexy vixen in a LBD (little black dress)... LOL


Aha, oh stop it YouTube, always leading me on and on with your recommendations...

I definitely remember listening to Dusty Springfield at some point - just as an aside, I love the name "Dusty"! I'm pretty sure I remember seeing the Pulp Fiction soundtrack cover. Dayum... my mom was/is cool B) 

Son of a Preacher Man

And thus my fascination with urban street art began...
You can expect a post about Banksy soon!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Battle of the Music Videos!

Nothing to do with the band, just a wicked ring from mylavaliere on etsy!
A most interesting scenario has arisen involving a homemade wedding trailer being better suited to a song than it's own music video! Reading the comments for the bird and the bee's "My Love" it seems that vloger sisters Leyla and Mimi (you can follow their channel at EverythingLuxy) have created a better alternative :D ... I think I agree! 

The original:
My Love - the bird and the bee

The winner (IMHO :P)
Alex and Mimi Wedding Trailer 

This comment sums up my reaction:

Grinning like a photoshopped hyena,