Friday, March 2, 2012

Living Up to the Stereotype: A (Bad) Student's Life

It's Friday. I'm sitting in front of my laptop (see below).  This is what I do.

 me (but with more hair...)

click the picture for a link to Dan's Awesome Ragemaker!

I hope something on this page makes you chuckle! :)

Cyber Conductor WIN - from FailBlog


Before I forget, here's a preemptive disclaimer: 
I like Rage Comics.
But I know that some people don't :( 
This post is a fairly good indication, but I often use them in my blog as pictorial representations of feelings that would otherwise take too long to describe in writing. Actually, this should be considered a practice in efficiency! According to the old adage, I save myself a thousand words every time I use a rage comic. This logic = WINNING

I also quite enjoy reading them. No joke, the Rage Comic app on my iPod is like a friggin' black hole. There is never "just one more page", nuh-uhh. It's more like "awwww maaaaaan, it's been 3 hours!?!?" According to Reddit, I'm what's known as a "lurker": I read, I lol and I leave - don't upvote, don't downvote, and therefore am a terrible person.

(sorry guys)

Either way, this post is all about the funnies that I run across. It's mostly an attempt to make myself feel better. If "laughter is the best medicine", then I just spent 4 hours finding the pharmacy...

Failbook: Your Move, Drunky - from FailBlog

funny facebook fails - Failbook: Your Move, Drunky

Facebook at its finest.

Music Fails: Playing in F Major, Singing in F-sharp - from FailBlog

I just stumbled accross this on YouTube:
My name is Boxxy

If your brain is doing something like this ---> "?????????", then I would like to direct your attention to this amazing website: Know Your Meme DOT com
(meme is pronounced as "mee-m" according to my friends in the English department)

They have an entry on every Internet Meme you ever scratched your head to.

Here's their video for Boxxy's entry:

I saved the best for last...... *drrrrrruuuummmm rollllll*

Rage Comics - In Real Life


I want a cup of hot chocolate,


P.S. (and by post, I mean it's been another 4 hours since I originally posted this):
Just saw The Artist - best movie I've seen in a LOOOOOONG time!
I highly recommend it!! Great for kids of all ages and all movie aficionados. Wiki  describes it as a: "romantic comedy drama in the style of a black-and-white silent film". Really, it has action, romance, comedy, dancing, drama, an historical element, silent film, and talking :D And it's won a whole slew of awards.

Here's the IMDb link

Happy Saturday!