Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lana Del Rey

This pic looks like it should be from Vampire Diaries!
Whoa... how did I miss Lana Del Rey? What kind of rock was I living under???

Quick-bio: a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" American singer-songwriter often d
escribed as being noirish, a femme fatale, and retro. Born to Die (2012) is her first studio album. 

Born to Die

As dark and romantic as it seems in this music video, I hope I never have to see the day when Distracted Driving Legislation has to add 'making out' to it's list of driving no-no's.

LOLOL, I just checked, and it's NOT on the list! (I do not endorse kissing dangerously while driving) heh, and I always wondered how it was possible to drive while putting on mascara or texting or... reading a book??? For the love of all things literary, whyyy?

Video Games

This is the big "hit" of the album. I'm not sure, but I think she pieces these music videos together herself!

Blue Jeans

Fabadabadosy video if I do say so myself!


Remember kids: 

from Dan's Awesome Rage Maker

I've read a lot of online criticisms about Lana, and all I have to say is, that unlike product reviews for makeup or electronics, I don't usually like reading opinions about music because it's such a deeply personal thing. If I listen to a song and I like it, then I'm a happy music junkie! When I do research for my blog and a lot of the articles I read are negative and opinionated, it taints my opinion too. And yes, I could choose to not to read these articles, but I like to get a sense for what other people have to say. So to all you music lovers out there - keep listening to the musician for their music, and read for objectivity. 

Check out Lana's official website at www.lanadelrey.com

Cheers from your music blogger who is trying to budget her dolla-dolla-billz, but has been dropping big bucks on iTunes (but the music is soooo good),


*** UPDATE Feb.24:
Okay, I think I understand where the controversy came from now. Here's an article from Billboard.com that gives a comprehensive and objective account (in my opinion) of her rise: www.billboard.com  

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