Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Cat Piano

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Just as an aside (this has absolutely nothing to do with cats or pianos) I'm not sure what's going on with my playlists but it looks like I may need to find another website, do you guys have any suggestions?

"Sit back and let the locution caress you .... lexicon lifting limits - carefully cradling confines." - iKaria, ever the poet
I'd pulled out some wickedly wonderful phrases from this but I thought not to spoil your experience of it by having you read them before you watched it. Do you have a favorite line? Share it below!

A big shout-out to MAKAVELI for sending this to me!

Björk, Re-Discovered

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Remember how I said I was "preparing" to confront my nemeses finalis examis? Well, in my preparations I stumbled (by chance) across You Tube (funny, that!) and found (really, it's not like I was ACTIVELY searching for them) some great new (for me, anyways) music.

...that is one messed up sentence. Whoops, there goes my English. Just wait till I whip out (like my hair... *let me explain this comment later) the text-talk! 

Let me take you through my steps:

I began with a bit of Katy
Her makeup is KRAZY! :0 I "less than 3" it!
Bumped into Alanis (again)

Then meandered over to Björk 
*mindblown* .... *again*

This wasn't the first time I'd heard of her, nor is her music new to me but there is always new music to be discovered! Case in point:

The music video won multiple awards back in it's day ( circa 1999) and is on permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York but be forewarned of the mature(ish) content!
A beautiful work of art!

And finally
And that, my friends, is how I ended up re-meeting Björk!
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Haha, ALMOST forgot to explain that comment (*) - thank goodness for proof-reading!
The best comment:
"I liked the part where she whipped her hair back and forth."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When Blackberries and Apples Were Just Fruits

I found this on Facebook, it's not mine.

Hello again cyber-worldlings! 

A couple weeks ago, I had to be beamed back down into the real-world to resume my life as an Earthling and to concern myself with frivolities such as school... pah! Alas, I regret to say that my transmissions will continue to be intermittent for the remainder of the month as I prepare for my battle with the dreadful finalis examis monster. In the meantime, please enjoy these 'nourishing' comedies! :P


And finally: (Plz excuse the crude humour...)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Unforgiving

Within Temptation's new album The Unforgiving came out on Tuesday but I haven't had the time to swing by a store and pick it up. I don't want to buy the whole album from iTunes - although there are 3 songs that are only available from iTunes...go figure - because I want the 2-disc special edition CD-DVD combo. I can't stop listening to the album on YouTube though (LOVE the "queue" option!) and this song is my favorite song so far, luckily it comes with a music video :D


Notice the drummer with the mask? He's not shy, the reason for the "annonymity" is here:
haha, "they'd to blow me away to get rid of me"!

Okay, so I went out and bought the album... heheh, a couple weeks ago now... but have just been a little slowww on the uptake, err, update.

To summarize: I LOVE IT.

To expand: A lot of artists end up taking a leap of faith by creating a concept album and while I personally don't mind concept albums, I've read enough reviews to gather that a lot of people don't. According to my pal Wiki P. Edia, a concept album is defined as an album that is: "unified by a theme, which can be instrumental, compositional, narrative, or lyrical"...with "all songs contributing to a single overall theme or unified story."

Oftentimes concept albums are attributed to the prog rock genre of the 70s, the most famous of which is Pink Floyds' The Dark Side of the Moon, but I've also heard the same said about Muses' The Resistance. Alas! This is the problem with definitions and 'defining' and 'categorizing' things (even MORE problematique... problematic, just kiddin'... when it comes to people), very few things ever fit snugly into their definitions.

So, to use Muse as an example, (not because I've been researching them for 4 years or anything... and I so DO NOT have a MuseWiki account... ok, I do) if The Resistance was "unified" by the idea of rising up against oppression both of a political and a personal nature, then couldn't it also be said that Black Holes and Revelations was unified by political messages and science fiction undertones about corrupt governments and conspiracy theories, and in a similar vein, that Absolution could be unified by its themes of fear, mistrust, the end of the world and spiritual forgiveness? Matt was quoted as saying the beginnings of the Iraq War had an effect on the songwriting for Absolution...
(Fun fact: BH and R was partially recorded in the same studio as Pink Floyds' The Wall)

LOL, what was my tangent again???

That's right, concept albums! Okay, so The Unforgiving was released alongside a comic book and a series of short films around a concept story. Here's a series of quotes from front-woman, Sharon den Adel:
"What happened was that we wanted to write lyrics for a movie. We were searching for a good movie with a good story and everybody had different release dates. If something goes wrong, a movie can very easily be postponed for a year, and we couldn't take the chance to have to wait for that, otherwise we would have had to postpone our album as well. So we decided to take the matter in our own hands. 
"We told him what kind of movies we liked, what kind of books we read, and he thought about it and he came up with a basic idea, like 2 or 3 lines. The story is about people who have done bad things. Not because they are bad, but because they made bad decisions.
"...we wanted to put all the money into the movies. You have a budget and then you have to make choices and, to be honest, MTV and everything, it is not so big anymore. And when you make videos, they always say "you can't use blood, you can't use guns, you can't use..." and we wanted to use everything: blood, guns... everything!" 
The bonus about buying the CD/DVD is that you get the videos and music videos (not that you can't find everything on YouTube anyways...). The comic book, which is also called The Unforgiving, was written by Steven O'Connell (BloodRayne and Dark 48) and illustrated by Romano Molenaar (Witchblade, The Darkness and X-Men).

My fav songs, in addition to Sinéad, are Faster, Shot in the Dark and...

lol, I have to go find my list again *fail* XD

I just put the album on repeat and listened to it for 2 weeks solid but I failed learn the song titles! I'll have to go back and listen to them :DD

The Muser's Handbook: Essential Bellamy Books

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It was no secret that The Resistance (2009) was inspired by George Orwell's 1984 but have you ever wondered where some of Matt's other crazy ideas have come from? Wonder no more, for this is THE most comprehensive and current book list that I have come across to date! Try and guess which song/album each book inspired :P