Friday, June 3, 2011

Die Antwoord

Yo-Landi and Ninja
I'm just going to come straight out with this one:
What lies ahead cannot be unseen.

You've been warned...

I sat on posting this one for quite a while - my inner prude censored it because she didn't think it was appropriate to post but in the end, iKaria won because I figured, hey, it's music. Music's prerogative is to shock and "get all up in your grillz".  

This was the first song I heard of theirs, Zef Side:

As some people would say: "WTF???" 
C'mon, the dude makes "higher level beats" on his PC. WINNING.

But others: "What does it mean?"                
"It's The Answer."                 
"The answer to what?"
*Ninja and Yolandi exchange glances while DJ Hi-Tech smirks*
"Whatever man, f***..."

I didn't understand that whole exchange about "the answer" until I Wiki P. Edia'd the band; Die Antwoord translates as "the answer" in Afrikaans.

Then one day, I was trawling my homepage on fbook and came across Evil Boy on a friend's wall:
This was one of those songs where you tell yourself that you shouldn't have watched the whole video, but yet, you can't stop hitting the "replay" button. *shrugs* Why resist? 

It was a "pretty wise" decision

Which led to me watching Enter the Ninja:
Wiki said that this video "also features Leon Botha, a prominent Cape Town artist who is one of the world's oldest survivors of progeria."

As a little F.Y.I, Yolandi's "I am your little butterfly..." was inspired by's "Butterfly":  

And finally Rich Bitch:

She may have the mouth of a sailor, but there's just something about Yolandi that I find intriguing, a little "in your face" kind of charisma. Or maybe I just like her hair. Either way, she's been added to my list of favorite people. 
As another funny little tidbit, according to the bands website (which you should check out cuz it's really neat), "Yo-landi used to have 13 rats but after her rats socialized on set of

the EVIL BOY music video, she now has 23 rats."  loool.... puts "socialization" into a whole new perspective.

Yolandi Visser, Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) and their son, Sixteen Jones
Mini-Bio From the bands website: "For those who don't know yet DIE ANTWOORD are a futuristic rap-rave crew from South Africa who represent a fresh new style called ZEF."
"DIE ANTWOORD crew is made up of zef rap master NINJA, fre$ futuristik rich bitch ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER and the mysterious beat monster DJ HI-TEK."

Just Googled "zef def", cuz I always rhyme my searches - like a BOSS, and entry No. 2 on Urban Dictionary says: 
"The ultimate style.. it's a full flex, like a full flex. It's an African style. It's not something you can really explain.. It's something you experience; like a video game when you reach the next level, that's basically zef. Zef is the next level. 
you can't mess with my new zef flow"

Well, there you have it ladies and gents, Die Antwoord. And if you're really keen on learning Afrikaans now, you can practice on Facebook. Yes, you can choose Afrikaans as a language setting. Just like you can choose Leet Speak ... which is why I can't stop thinking of my friends as "n00bz" now... >.< 

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