Monday, September 24, 2012

"What the Heck Is Gangnam Style?"

Owning that dance like it's nobody's business

Who hasn't seen this music video?

... now you have. 
(I can see the potential for this video to become the new Rickroll)

My curiosity was piqued by this article on Racialicious, a blog about "the intersection of race and culture." It noticed it on my facebook newsfeed, and the title caught my eye.

So what IS Psy singing about?
To summarize the article, Gangnam is a city district within Seoul, the capital of South Korea, but it's claim to fame is a result of 1970s urban development. "Designated for commercial and residential development" the growth "kicked into high gear in the 80’s" with the result that the top schools relocated there, the real-estate values sky-rocketed, upscale stores and restaurants opened up, and the district became well-known for its nightlife.

"PSY’s 'Gangnam Style' is a satire about the Gangnam life itself which is nothing but materialistic and about people who are chasing rainbows, dreaming of becoming a Gangnam resident someday."

Just to think - Psy intended for the song to be a clever social commentary, but all we were interested in was his silly dance.

Photo from the Ottawa Citizen


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